The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has suspended non-urgent elective surgery and has significantly changed the way we can offer treatment to our patients. Despite these restrictions, the need for orthopaedic care remains, and many patients still require assessment and treatment of their knee conditions.


My office remains open for consultations, and I also offer consultations via Telehealth. This is via the Zoom or Skype platforms. If you are interested in a Telehealth consultation, please read the Telehealth policy here.

To avoid crowding in our waiting rooms, and to allow for sufficient cleaning of each room between patients, we are spacing out our consultations and asking patients to wait in their cars our outside until it is time for their appointment.


Currently, non-urgent surgery is on hold.

Conditions requiring urgent surgery can still proceed, either at Westmead Public Hospital or at Norwest Private Hospital. Examples of urgent conditions include:

  • Locked knee due to a meniscus tear
  • A symptomatic loose body within the knee
  • Fractures around the knee
  • Dislocations and multiple ligament injuries
  • Acute infection of a knee
  • Quadriceps or patella tendon ruptures

Non urgent conditions can also be assessed, but until the COVID-19 crisis abates and the restrictions on elective surgery are lifted, no Category 3 surgery can be booked. In the case of my waiting list at Westmead and Auburn Public Hospitals, I am unable to add new Category 3 cases to the waiting list until further notice.

Examples of Category 3 surgery which will need to be deferred to a later date include:

  • Knee replacement
  • ACL reconstruction (in a knee that is stable with day-to-day activity)
  • Treatment of meniscus tears (unless the knee is locked due to a bucket handle tear)
  • Patellofemoral stabilisation

Call my office on 1300 695 633 or email to discuss making an appointment.


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